Partner - Managing Director

Marty Hall

Marty is a founding partner and the Managing Director at Purely CRM, where he plays a key role in overseeing company operations and driving the overall business strategy. As the leader of the business development team, he is responsible for driving revenue growth and leading sales efforts with strategic partners.

Prior to joining Purely CRM, Marty worked for one of Microsoft's leading CRM partners in the region. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, having worked for several global tech companies where he managed some of the largest accounts in Western Canada, the USA, Spain, South Africa, and New Zealand. This diverse background gives him a unique perspective on the industry, and he is able to bring valuable insights to the Purely CRM team.

Marty's expertise in CRM, sales, and business development make him a valuable asset to the Purely CRM team. Marty's leadership, strategic thinking, and ability to drive business growth are key factors in the success of Purely CRM.

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