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Dynamics 365 and Power Platform:  It’s What We Do

Microsoft CRM Design & Development Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Design and Development

Whether your are new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or are an existing user, our Purely CRM team is here to help you unlock the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications through our innovative design and development skills.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform provide a world class suite of Microsoft cloud applications and technology tightly integrated with Microsoft 365, Teams, Copilot, SharePoint and Azure. However, these solutions on their own will not achieve your business outcomes.

Our Purely CRM advisory, design, development and implementation services bring years of real-world experience in configuring systems to support specific business processes.

We breathe life and energy into your systems, to make them work for you. Beyond our top CRM designs, we are also experts in project execution using Azure DevOps for both development and project management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Services

Our Purely CRM Project Team works with your business team to ensure we identify a path to results-driven realization of your project. Deploying Dynamics 365 in your organization is all about user adoption, momentum, and managing change.

That is why our Project Leads use Azure DevOps to manage the optimal balance of creative designs and project execution to ensure that AGILE projects are delivered on time and within budget.  
Azure DevOps is used for mid-size and large projects to handle the iterative approach to designing and releasing deliverables using AGILE.  

Common to many Phase 1, or Phase 2 projects is to start with a small contained scope, often referred to as a Minimum Viable Project (MVP) approach. This means delivering functionality in increments starting with a Phased approach that will delight the business. The likelihood of success increases exponentially as business users become more engaged and see results sooner. Our Purely CRM implementation methodology is ideally suited to this approach.

Our CRM Implementation Methodology

Our Purely CRM team uses a finely tuned Agile delivery methodology that combines some elements of the more traditional Waterfall methodology.  This Microsoft-optimized Purely CRM methodology is purpose-built for Dynamics 365/CRM deployments and focuses on deploying required functionality in a timely and iterative manner. Using Microsoft DevOps to manage multiple Sprints and Scrums provides a balance between creative design and project execution, ensuring that all of your Purely CRM projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Microsoft Purely CRM implementation methodology
Dynamics 365 CRM implementation AGILE
Agile and DevOps for Dynamics 365 projects
Microsoft Devops for CRM implementation

Getting Started

Following initial requirements gathering sessions to determine the user stories, proposed solutions for each user story result in wireframe mock-ups and defined acceptance criteria. From the wireframe mockups associated with each user story, development tasks are created to achieve the wireframes and the acceptance criteria that has been noted.

Ready, Set, Sprint

We use sprints, usually 2-3 weeks, to add user stories and assign development tasks to the team. Daily stand-up meetings (scrums) are held to discuss progress and any blockers. Tasks are tested by Business Analysts upon completion. At the end of each sprint, a demo is given to the client stakeholders to show progress, gather feedback, and manage change and user adoption. Release to production only happens after system and user acceptance testing and training.

Go-Live and Beyond

A successful go-live starts with a release to production and a specified period of “hypercare” where users get elevated support to ensure their adoption and to deal with any unforeseen technical issues. 
While the solution transitions from hypercare to on-going support, the project team will then look at the backlog of desired features for the next release and the process is repeated until all the system requirements have been met.

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