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Stop saying "phases" and start saying "releases": Dynamics 365 CRM build and release terminology

Stop saying "phases" and start saying "releases": Dynamics 365 CRM build and release terminology


Purely CRM’s expert team of CRM consultants in customized Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, we are always striving to enhance our communication with both our talented developers and our valued customers. Today, we want to talk about how we should stop using the term "phases" on a project and instead use the term "releases".


Why "releases," you may ask? Well, let's take a moment to think about how consumers eagerly anticipate new releases of their favorite gadgets, like the latest iPhone software update. Users are accustomed to associating "releases" with exciting new features, and it's a language that resonates with them.


By aligning with this familiar concept, we can provide our customers with a clearer understanding of the functionality they can expect in each release of their Dynamics 365 CRM solution. Just like users eagerly anticipate the unveiling of new features on their smartphones, our customers will be able to anticipate and visualize the enhancements they'll receive.


So, what exactly are these "features" we refer to in each release? Think of them as building blocks that make up the overall solution. Each feature encapsulates a set of user stories, which, in turn, are broken down into tasks. We ensure the quality of these features by conducting thorough user story tests, and any resulting bug fixes will be addressed promptly.


To make this transition even more seamless, we are adopting the popular three-part semantic versioning number, a format that resonates with most customers. Here's how it works:


1.      The "Major" number corresponds to the project number, providing a unique identifier for the customer's undertaking.


2.      The "Minor" number represents the feature release number. It's akin to what we previously referred to as "phases." For instance, the first release to the production environment would be labeled as 1.0.0.


3.      The "Hot-fix" number is reserved for bug fix releases, ensuring prompt resolution of critical issues. For example, a bug fix after the first release would result in a version number of 1.0.1.


As we continue to introduce new functionality during the project, we'll increment the "Minor" number to reflect subsequent releases. For instance, the second release with additional features would be labeled as 1.1.0. And fear not, if subsequent bug fixes are required, the "Hot-fix" number will reset to zero each time the feature number increases.


Thinking in terms of "releases" not only aligns with industry practices but also enhances communication with both our developers and customers. It enable sus to provide a clear roadmap, outlining the features they can expect to receive in each release, along with anticipated dates.

So, let's embrace this exciting change and bid farewell to "phases." Together, we'll embark on an enhanced journey of Dynamics 365 CRM implementation, delivering remarkable solutions through a series of impactful releases.


Happy engineering!

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