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Purely CRM News: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Clients save 95% on monthly email storage fees in Canada and the United States

June 6, 2023 – Purely CRM News: Microsoft Dynamics 365Clients can now save 95% on their email storage costs in Canada and the United States


Just announced today by Microsoft, there has been a change in their licensing rules for how email storage within Microsoft Dynamics 365 is seen within the Dataverse storage calculations. As of today and over the next few weeks clients will automatically be updated to treat the storage of emails and other similar communications are stored in Dynamics 365.  Previously emails were stored and counted as Dynamics 356 Dataverse Database storage, which in Canada (June 2023) is licensed at $52/GB per month Canadian, NOW the same email storage is calculated as Dynamics 365 Dataverse File storage (Blob Storage), which is Canada is licensed at $2.50/GB per month Canadian. That's a 95% reduction in monthly email storage fees presuming that you are using more than the base-storage amounts provided with your Dynamics 365subscriptions.

 For our Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients in the United States, your June 2023 pricing for email storage is changing from $46 USD / GB per month as Database storage, to $2.40 USD / GB per month as Dataverse File Storage.

We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Sales Enterprise internally for all of our Microsoft Exchange Online email tracking for Case Management, Account Management, Opportunity Management and Customer contact email tracking and storage.

The following image is an example from our environment with a significant drop in Dataverse Database usage as email storage calculations are now considered to be File usage. Note the graphs are showing % and thus a smaller percentage increase in File usage.

Learn more about the specific details - visit the Microsoft Learn at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/developer/data-platform/email-activity-entities#email-storage


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