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Understanding the Difference: Roadmap vs. Release Plan for Dynamics 365 CRM Implementations

Understanding the Difference: Roadmap vs. Release Plan for Dynamics 365 CRM Implementations

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In Dynamics 365 CRM implementations, one key factor that contributes to project success is the ability to prioritize and deliver the right features at the right time. Today, we want to highlight the importance of road maps in helping clients' project teams understand the concept of phased releases and why focusing on the Minimum Loveable Product (MLP) rather than the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can lead to better outcomes. So, let's dive in!

Release Plans: Unleashing the Power of Phased Deliveries

When discussing release plans, we often encounter the challenge of managing client expectations. Here, roadmaps are crucial in guiding project teams and stakeholders to understand that not everything needs to be included in the first release (1.0). Instead, roadmaps provide a clear vision of additional releases that will follow, allowing for a more strategic and phased approach to feature deployment.

By sharing a roadmap, we can demonstrate to clients' project teams that there will be future releases catering to end users' evolving needs. This understanding allows us to focus on delivering a Minimum Loveable Product(MLP) for release 1.0, rather than just a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Roadmaps: Building the Minimum Loveable Product (MLP)

The key distinction between the MVP and the MLP lies in the user experience and acceptance. While the MVP represents the bare minimum required to launch the implementation and get users working, the MLP encompasses the minimum acceptable solution that end users would embrace for release 1.0. By considering the MLP approach, we ensure that the initial release is not only functional but also enjoyable and aligned with users' expectations.

Roadmaps enable project teams to prioritize features and enhancements, ensuring that the MLP is delivered in the first release while considering that future releases will address additional requirements and enhance the user experience further.

Why should companies prioritize roadmaps and MLPs? Here area few key benefits:

Strategic Delivery: Roadmaps empower project teams to strategically plan and prioritize features, aligning them with end users' needs and long-term goals. This ensures that each release delivers maximum value, setting a strong foundation for subsequent iterations.

User Acceptance: By focusing on the MLP for release 1.0, project teams can deliver a solution that meets end users' expectations and gains their acceptance. This approach fosters user satisfaction, engagement, and adoption, paving the way for a successful implementation.

 Iterative Improvement: Roadmaps allow for iterative improvement over time. By providing a clear vision of future releases, project teams can incorporate user feedback, adapt to changing requirements, and continuously enhance the solution's capabilities and usability.

Efficient Resource Allocation: Prioritizing features and aligning them with roadmaps enables efficient resource allocation. Instead of trying to tackle all requirements in the first release, project teams can focus their efforts on delivering a well-rounded MLP, optimizing resources and achieving better outcomes.

So, before embarking on a Dynamics 365 CRM implementation, consider the power of roadmaps and the concept of delivering a Minimum Loveable Product (MLP). By strategically planning phased releases and prioritizing user experience, you can drive user acceptance, engagement, and long-term project success.

If you'd like to explore the benefits of roadmaps and MLPs further or have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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