Vice President- Project Management Office

Nicola Cadwell

Nicola is a Partner at Purely CRM, with over 25 years of business experience. She has a wealth of knowledge in the CRM industry, including her time spent at Microsoft as part of the CRM product team in the UK. Nicola is responsible for the Project Management Office, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget. She also oversees Human Resources and key financial aspects of the company.

Nicola spent 12 years working in London where she managed the Finance team for The Jim Henson Company. After her time at the company, she moved on to her role at Microsoft. Before joining Purely CRM, Nicola was a successful independent Dynamics CRM consultant. Her diverse experience in the CRM industry and business management gives her a unique perspective and allows her to bring valuable insights to the Purely CRM team.

Nicola's expertise in Solutions Architecture, Project Management, and Business Management are key factors in the success of Purely CRM.

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