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Mock-ups and Wireframes with Microsoft PowerPoint

Mock-ups and Wireframes: Why we Switched Wireframing over from a Specialized Wireframing Tool to Microsoft PowerPoint

Within our company, Balsamiq for years has been promoted as the low-fidelity wireframes (AKA mock-ups) tool. It let us easily and quickly show clients screens we are preparing for them when implementing customized Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerPlatform solutions. However, I recently started promoting the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to produce low-fidelity form mock-ups. I still believe Balsamiq is the fastest and easiest way to produce wireframes, but I have been changing over to PowerPoint.

Why we decided to switch from a specialized wire-framing tool to PowerPoint?

We decided to switch from a specialized wireframing tool to Microsoft PowerPoint primarily for its seamless integration with our existing workflow and collaboration tools (i.e., Microsoft Teams). PowerPoint allowed us to leverage our team's familiarity with the software, eliminating the need for additional training. I did have to build out some stencils for the team to use as templates, but that was quite quick and simple to achieve. Additionally, using PowerPoint for wireframing streamlined the design process, as it simplified version control and facilitated easy sharing and feedback among stakeholders, which includes our clients.

What are the advantages or benefits of using Microsoft PowerPoint for wireframing?

Using Microsoft PowerPoint for wireframing offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a familiar and widely accessible platform, as PowerPoint is a commonly used tool in many organizations. Secondly, the quick to produce symbols/shapes I added to PowerPoint offered a method to create wireframes quickly. Lastly, PowerPoint's slide-based structure combined with the ability to create hyperlinks between slides allows for easy organization and sequential representation of screens, making it suitable for presenting user flows and interactions.

How does wireframing with Microsoft PowerPoint compare to using a specialized wireframing tool in terms of functionality and ease of use?

Wireframing with Microsoft PowerPoint, compared to using a specialized wireframing tool, offers an equally simple and intuitive user experience as specialized wireframing tools due to its familiar interface. While specialized wireframing tools may provide more advanced features and specific functionalities tailored for generic wireframing, PowerPoint's flexibility combined with the symbols I created allows for creative exploration and quick iterations. Additionally, PowerPoint's integration with other Microsoft Office tools facilitates seamless collaboration and easy sharing of wireframes with stakeholders.

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