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How Dynamics 365 is Allowing Credit Unions to Excel in The Digital Age

Today’s global circumstances have, let’s say changed a few things on how the world does business. In almost every major global industry, business as usual has been interrupted, and companies have had to respond. One of the biggest aspects every company has had to face is prioritizing their digital transformation. As more employees call their home work and work from home, the need to keep the day to day in sync has been a crucial key to business as usual.

The upside to prioritizing the need to jump on board the digital revolution, is adopting technology that is designed to get you ahead of the competition, and when it comes to your Credit Union being able to stand above the rest demands insight into what your customers are looking for from your brand. With world leading data-gathering technology that only Microsoft can provide, we highlight 5 key areas of Dynamics 365 CRM that can help you compete and drive success.

360 Degree View

With 360degree view, Dynamics can provide a live view of your most important data in a relatable easy access dashboard.

In an industry that heavily relies on customer service like Credit Unions, it is a way to continue to differentiate yourself and stay competitive against larger Financial Institutions.

Share what you are allowed to share between departments and hide what you are not allowed to share.

We understand that Retail, Business Banking, Foreign Exchange, Investments, and Insurance have different requirements around what they are allowed to share.  Take advantage of the common database in Dynamics 365 to maximize what you are allowed to accomplish.

Integrate with your other systems

Whether it is your “core banking system” or your “loan origination system”, Dynamics 365 has the ability to integrate.

Reduce your redundant data entry across these various systems, reducing errors and bringing together a single view of the customer.

Increase the quality of your marketing

The 360 degree view of your customer interactions can mean a more coordinate interaction between Retail, Business Banking, Foreign Exchange, Investments, and Insurance to touch the customer.  No more too-many-touches of the customer or missing a customer completely in marketing efforts.

Coordinate the marketing efforts between your departments.  Knowing when one department has touched a customer with marketing means you can ideally space out the interactions.

When a customer has a question, it may not be as easy for them to walk into your brick and mortar establishment to get the answer, and that means you have to work to make sure you are providing effective customer service in a unified system that can support any communication channel. Whether that is social media, email, chat bot, you want to make sure your employees are well prepared to answer any inquiry from anywhere.

Quality service done digital

When you are in dense competition for a customer and their business have options every move you make matters. This means you can not afford to offer a bad customer experience, especially when your larger competitors in the Financial Services industry have the ability to own more market space with a larger marketing budget. The one thing customers will always choose over brand image is quality service, efficiency and ease of use in a a one-stop portal when it comes to their finances.

Dynamics 365 combined with a seasoned services integrator offering 30+ years of experience such as Purely CRM can deliver a custom user experience that is unique to how your Credit Union does business. Let your vision become your digital identity.



How is your response time?

Quality customer service means consistent and clear communication.

Many Credit Unions still do not make this their priority and in turn are losing business.

Dynamics 365 gives you a clear overview of all your communications from all your available communication channels allowing you to respond timely. Even if the issue is on-going if you can get back to your customers quickly even to let them know it is a work in progress, you have bought yourself time and increased brand loyalty, it is that easy!

If you want to continue to offer the exceptional customer service advantage you carry over the major banks, Dynamics 365 combined with Purely CRM’s expertise is crucial. At Purely CRM our deep knowledge and veteran leadership with Dynamics 365 in the Financial Services Industry makes us the stand alone leader in implementation that converts and gets the job done.

Want to learn more about how you too can embrace the digital revolution and bring better service to your clients. Speak to a Credit Union specialist at Purely CRM today! 

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