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Innovate with Confidence: Why Finance Should Embrace Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Transforming Financial Processes and Elevating Customer Engagement in Today's Business Environment

Endeavour Solutions is focused on providing and supporting Microsoft Business Applications for ERP, CRM, and Cloud Apps.  Many of our clients are top leaders in Finance (CFO, VP, Director, Manager of Finance) as well as the many finance users that we support for ERP.  We also have a large number of clients using Microsoft CRM.  Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services (COO, CRO, VP Sales, Director, Manager etc).    In an effort to share best practices, we would like to introduce or re-introduce the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) to those in Finance.

As financial leaders, you understand the critical role technology plays in achieving operational excellence, and one platform that demands your attention is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Microsoft’s commitment to revolutionizing customer experience is evident in its multi-billion-dollar investment in CRM and Customer Experience (CE). The company’s continuous acceleration of research and development, particularly in Cloud Applications, Process Automation, Cloud Analytics, and Generative AI, underscores its dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Microsoft’s CRM in 2024: Why Finance Should Care?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform (CRM) are pivotal in transforming financial processes by integrating with ERP systems, particularly Business Central or Dynamics GP ERP, CRM <-> ERP can simplify workflows, enhance customer data management, and facilitate efficient billing and invoicing. Moreover, access to your CRM’s robust analytics, compliance features, and collaborative capabilities can further empower finance departments to make customer-centric decisions, mitigate risks, and contribute to a more holistic customer experience, ensuring your organization’s strategic and competitive edge.

Our recent Webinar (Click Image) highlights some of the advancements in Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and the Power Platform that are relevant to the Financial department. Viewing Dynamics 365 CRM as an integrated business application platform, your team can be empowered to create new customer-centric, self-serve, and subscription business models all under a centralized system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM presents unparalleled opportunities for finance departments to enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and elevate customer interactions. Embracing this platform enables financial leaders to strategically position their organizations for sustained success whether you are on Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics GP.

About Endeavour Solutions

Endeavour Solutions is a Gold Microsoft Solutions Partner for ERP, CRM, and AI Cloud Business Applications focusing on implementations, upgrades, development, data analytics, training, and support for the cloud-centric Dynamics 365 Platform including, Business Central (ERP), Sales Enterprise (CRM), Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Power Apps, and Azure.

Endeavour has three specialised teams that work collaboratively to support our clients.

  1. Our PurelyCRM team focused on mid-market and enterprise custom Microsoft CRM solutions
  2. GP Support North team focused on SMB and mid-market support for clients using Dynamics GP
  3. Our Endeavour Business Central ERP team focused on new Business Central ERP implementations, GP to BC migrations, and ongoing client support for all-in-one ERP & CRM business applications.

With offices in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Montréal, Edmonton, and London, Canada, their consultants support more than 900 active clients throughout North America including clients using Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV. Over the years, Endeavour has been named multiple times to the Microsoft President’s Club – The top 5% of Microsoft Partners Worldwide.

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